Pet Shop Charlie: An Eagle's Glen Novel

Pet Shop Charlie: An Eagle's Glen Novel - Grant C. Holland I’ve not actually read very many M/M Romance. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Quick read for someone in between series and needing something sweet. This would be my go to. Jeremiah is a billionaire who caught his husband of five months cheating on him. Between the cheating, verbal and violence abuse Jeremiah got in his car and took off. Only to get stranded somewhere in Minnesota, where he comes across a stray dog. Charlie is a pet store owner, who helps with animal emergencies. His love life is non-existent as he lives in a small town. Charlies spots Jeremiah and the stray, stops and picks them up. Charlie offers up a spare room, as there are no rooms left in town. Will Jeremiah get sick of the small town way of life or will it be the breath of fresh air he’s been needing? Will Charlie let himself find love or not?