Manwhore - Katy Evans **I received this complimentary book by the author for an honest review**

Is it possible to expose Chicago's hottest player—without getting played?
I’m Calling Dibs!

Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint (SIN) should be all that needs to be said. Anyone with five names has to be something right? Well Saint is something he's a womanizer, always charming his way into every woman's panties.

"Ruthless, they say. A complete manwhore, they say. And so ambitious he'd put Midas to shame. Oh yeah. They say Saint won't rest until he owns the world."

Rachel Livingston is your normal up and coming journalist only the company she writes for is going under quickly. Her boss picks her to write and expose’ on non-other than the Saint himself. Rachel is your natural cautious person. Which has a lot to do with her father being murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I want to forget there are multiple reasons why this isn’t a good idea- because it doesn’t matter if it’s good or even right, only that I give my body what it wants. And all I want right now is looking down at me as if he wants to give it to me too.”

Saint wormed his way in but can he stay in Rachel’s heart? Does he want to stay in Rachel’s Heart? Will Rachel be exposed for what she truly is? Will Rachel learn nobody is immune to the Saint? Will they get their HEA? These are all questions that you will be asking yourself while you are reading this amazing book. The question you will be asking at the very end is … “What The Hell?!” Katy, How could you leave us hanging like that?!

“I feel him brush the grape over my lips again. Instinctively, sensually, I open my mouth and let him feed it to me, breathing hard. By the time I swallow, his smile is gone.”

I’m sitting here not waiting very patiently for book two. I just have to know what the hell happened! I give this book a 5 star because it was just what I needed to get out of my funk. Katy you’ve done it yet again babe.

“His breath moves the hair at the top of my head as he whispers: “I want to make you blush, from here”—he touches my forehead and briefly glances at the ground—“to the tips of your feet.”

** Manwhore is the first book in a NEW SERIES from Katy Evans **
Book two Manwhore +1 is due to be released 7th July 2015