Consolation - Corinne Michaels What are you trying do to me Woman? Kill me? Amazing Job!

“Grief ate at me, formed pockets of guilt and anger so deep I didn’t think I’d find my way out, but I did. There are still times I’m angry, but I won’t let it define me. Each day I have to choose the life I want to live.

I sit here and I’m still in awe after finishing this book, not even sure where to start. Before I start let me just say my review won’t matter as you reading this amazing story. Everyone and I mean everyone will take this story differently. If you are in a hard place this is the best book for you hands down. Trust me grab your copy and today and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. This story is told in dual POV by Natalie “Lee” Gilcher and Liam “Dreamboat” Dempsey. You see Natalie’s POV more but it’s a good thing you need to understand her story before you can understand everything fully.

“My life is gone.
My heart is dead.
I’m a widow at twenty-seven.”

Natalie poor Natalie! She is widowed as she is preparing for the birth of her daughter. Natalie’s Husband Aaron was killed in the line of duty. With one knock on her door, Natalie’s life was shattered. She knew this was a possibility with being a Military Wife, sorry SEAL Wife. Now here she is left with a newborn and grieving her husband. How does she begin to pick up the pieces of her life?

“I didn’t realize California and Virginia are now neighboring states. Last I heard you were still out west.”

She would have never guessed six months after her husband’s death that she would get a knock on the door that could possibly change her life. In comes Liam to save the day all because of a promise he made his best friend which just happens to be Natalie’s late husband. Liam’s come to help her get her life back on track and help get her list done. A list that he had to make, I should add.

“Liam Dempsey is going to be my demise.”

Will Liam be her strength when she has none? Will he give her the loves she needs? Can they get past that Liam was Aaron’s best friend? What will she do? Is there anything he can do? I guess you will just have to read and found out!

“I want a life with you, Lee. I want to build something with you and Aarabelle. I want to spend my days thinking about coming home to you. I want to feel your body beneath me when I make love to you.”

Oh hell I forgot to add there are a few major twists that you will not be expecting. Well I know I wasn’t. Also be prepared you get brought while reading as if it is you going through this. With that being said I want to thank Corinne for writing such an amazing story. Now after all this I have to sit and wait not very patiently I shall add for Conviction just so I can see what happens next!

“A year changed a lot for me. I learned a lot about life, love, grief, and that there are no real answers for any of it. Love can hurt and heal.”

** Consolation is the first book in a NEW SERIES from Corinne Michaels **
Book two Conviction is due to be released 27th May 2015