Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love - Harper Sloan **I received this complimentary book by the author for an honest review**
Bleeding Love is the second book in the Hope Town series. Each book in the series is a HEA and can be read as a standalone

Holy Bubblegum this book was… EMOTIONAL... SWEET... STEAMY...ICKY STICKY BUBBLEGUM…
Liam and Megan’s Story was just what I needed at the time I read. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I can tell you it wasn’t that! Harper’s stories are always amazing, but this was even better. Once I started this book I had to finish it. My kids wanted to kill me because I kept telling them to sit down I just need to read one more chapter, one more chapter turn into another and another. Before I knew it, I was finished. I sat there with my kindle in my hand, thinking now I need more it was perfect.

“Fuck, I sound like a sappy Lifetime movie.” Liam

Megan came in during Dani and Cohen’s story. If you have read it yet you need to. Anywho, back to Megan. Megan’s husband and Cohen were friends. He died on a mission and never made it back home to his wife and daughter. Now the only person Megan has left is her little bird Molly. How does one person go through so much and make it out? Does she make it out of her whole with no scars? I guess you will have to read and find out.

A love worth having is a love worth fighting for

Liam, ah, where do we start with him? First, he is Dee and Beck’s only child. So of course he’d have to have a story like his parent’s. You’ve not read their story? It’s called Beck in the Corps Security Series. You’ll have to read it to understand what I mean. Liam is all alpha male and best friend with Dani. Of course he would be their mother’s are best friends so they were destined to be as well. Liam is the complete package, loving, understanding, pushy, and he loves with everything in him.

“Never, not once in my twenty-three years have I ever felt a connection as strong as strong as I do when I’m with you.” Megan

I know some are asking about Molly. She is the sweetest little bird there ever was. You know she kind of reminds me of Cohen when he was younger. Huh, I just thought about that. And just like Cohen, Molly has all these alpha males wrapped around her little finger. They all have “Makeup Overs, Tea Parties and Dates with her. What more could a girl ask for? She has even more love to give.

“Never, not once in my twenty-three years have I ever felt a connection as strong as strong as I do when I’m with you.” Megan

Ah! I’m so ready for more! Harper please tell me you are not going to make me wait too long for more. Hopefully I get Nate soon. I’m not sure how long I can go without these amazing characters. Guess I will just have to re-read all my books again starting with Axel.