J. Haney Author

I may be an Author but I started as a reader and a reader is what I'll remain. Love books of all kinds!

Books I've Authored

Here's the books I've Authored!


Currently reading

Hollywood Dirt
Alessandra Torre
Royal Design
Sariah S. Wilson
The Bloodstone Vial
Hillary McMullen, Anita Higman
Mythean Arcana: Paranormal Romance Box Set
Linsey Hall
The Ascent Series Boxset: Love and Angels, The Ascension of Laney, The Fall of Kass
Kris Hack
Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4)
Lane Hart
Lane Hart
Jax (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel)
Lane Hart
Victoria Ashley
Scattered Ashes (Ashes to Ashes Book 1)
Amy Donnelly, Annie Anderson