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Storms Over Secrets

Storms Over Secrets - J.A. DeRouen This story was about Cain and Celia and let me tell you it an awesome read. DeRouen really knows how to write a book. If you haven't read this series yet I suggest you pick it up now! Great job can't wait to read another!

Exes - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel

Exes - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel - Aria Hawthorne Aria Hawthorne I need more books by you like now I loved loved loved this book! My favorite part is that is was more real than most books you find now and everyone deserves a second chance. I'm going to be honest I've read so many billionaire books I was worried but this one was Perfection.

Broken: A Dark Alpha Male Romance

Broken: A Dark Alpha Male Romance - Ashton Blackthorne Mr. Blackthorne and his “Broken” Past leaves us one great read! I swore many time while reading Ashton was Harvey from Suits and Amber just happened to be Donna. I just happen to have a thing for a tortured soul. Ashton Blackthorne’s soul is more tortured than one could imagine. Did I mention he’s a Dom? No?! Well shame on me because Dom he is, with a dungeon and all the trimmings. We’ve all learned through books and or live that childhood experiences do truly impact us as adults one way or another. So, grab this read and sit back for an hour and read this amazing tale!

SNAP COUNT: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

SNAP COUNT: A Bad Boy Sports Romance - Daphne Loveling Very well written and funny story!


Corrupted - Alexis Noelle This story is raw, gritty, violent and erotic. It presents themes of hypocrisy and no one group is either all good or all evil. This is an heartbreaking yet exciting read and I would suggest it to anyone that doesn’t have triggers. Alexis Noelle knows how to catch you up in her characters so that you never want it to end. The only down fall I had with this one is I wish it was longer but I will be buying book two so I can continue reading more from this author.


Trigger - L.P. Dover Tragedy, Sexy Hit Man, & Love? One Word: Perfection
Trigger is my first LP Dover book and I can guarantee it won’t be my last. I read this book in about 4 hours and it took me by storm. The blurb alone hooked me. Every time I went to set the book down something else would happen. This story had just what every great novel needs, Love, Suspense, Second Changes and even more. Any lover of books will love this story. I know I did and now I need to choose which book of LP’s I need to pick up next!

Mother Trucker: A Bad Boys of the Road Story

Mother Trucker: A Bad Boys of the Road Story - Chelsea Camaron If you are looking for a quick and great read, Chelsea has on with Mother Trucker. Take a chance and tell me you don’t love Greer. What can I say? Greer is “One Bad Mother Trucker” and I absolutely loved him and his story. Being a quick read it did leave me wanting more but only because when I fall in love with the characters like I did with this book I want more. Chelsea, you never fail to leave me in love. Can’t wait to read another by you.


NINIA SEBAE - Lily Adile Lamb This was such a beautiful story and as my first F/F, I will have to start reading more. It’s was a very enticing read that I would highly suggest everyone to read. Lily pulled me from the very beginning and I hated when it came to an end. Can’t wait to read more.

The Watcher

The Watcher - Bella Jewel As per usual Bella Jewel doesn’t disappoint and has stunned me once again. She held me captive with this romantic suspenseful story. The Watcher had me on the edge of my seat. I was kept guessing as the danger elevated one frightening moment at a time. Read this book! It will give you chills and have you on the ignoring everything just so you can turn the page again. Jewel has created a bone chilling story that will have you looking over your shoulder. Grab it now you won’t be disappointed.

Letters From Jayson

Letters From Jayson - Amy  Hale This was my first book by Hale and I can guarantee it won't be my last. Letters From Jayson was very well written. The plot was unpredictable and she had well-defined characters. The love/hate relationship in this Rom Com was just what it needed to be with their banters. I laughed out right more than once. Their way of flirting is probably my favorite though. Short notes shoved under bedroom doors and the bickering, This was just a terrific read that everyone needs to add to their lists.

Treat Me, Thrill Me: One Night with Sole Regret Anthology

Treat Me, Thrill Me: One Night with Sole Regret Anthology - Olivia Cunning, Justine O Keef My first book by Cunning and damn is she awesome! How ever now I need to go back a read the rest because I'm the time that needs to read all of a series. Back to Treat Me, Thrill Me they are awesome. I love Rockers and better than that I love rockers with real life problems. Cunning got this one just right and I can't wait to read the rest this week! Great job! Oh Yea, make sure and check out Cunning's other books.

The Dangerous Billionaire: A Billionaire Navy SEAL Romance (The Tate Brothers)

The Dangerous Billionaire: A Billionaire Navy SEAL Romance (The Tate Brothers) - Jackie Ashenden Let me start by admitting this is my first book by Jackie Ashenden's novels, and I will forever be a fan. The Dangerous Billionaire left no emotion untapped and no stone unturned. I give it a five-star rating. I found this story to be emotion-packed, suspenseful, and addictive read. I loved the steam that Ashenden has in her story.

The Dangerous Billionaire is the first of three novels featuring the Tate Brothers. The brothers are Sullivan (Van), Lucas and Wolf--the adopted foster children of billionaire oil magnate Noah Tate, who also had a daughter, Chloe, and this novel is Van and Chloe's story. I am sure you are thinking "Didn't you just say, foster children?" I did, and now you will have to read to enjoy it as I did.

The three boys joined the Navy and became SEALs. Chloe grew up mostly alone on her father's Wyoming ranch. Chloe was closest to Van, who was ten years older than her. Van taught her to ride, and she both idolized as a child and crushed on as a teenager. Although he used to come home regularly on leave. Van has been gone without so much as a word for eight years. That all changes when Noah Tate dies, leaving letters for each of the boys and none for Chloe. Noah repeatedly told that the ranch was Chole's and, as we learn, that was not the only lie he told.

The Do-Over

The Do-Over - Charlotte Penn Clark This is book two of the Extra Credit Series by Clark. All three books in the series follow one of the three couples that become friends when they are forced to take a class in college when they have some issues. This particular story follows Matt & Annika.

It was nice to come back and read about these two characters. It was also nice to see how the first couple in book one was doing.

The story has a fast pace to it. It is very well-written. Their story began a year before the class that forced them to partner up. Glad that the history was introduced in the story but not too early, so there was still some guessing on my part. I enjoyed how the story plays out. To so see why these two hated each other and how they came to have a history. I will be looking forward to the next book and the final couple in this group.

Demon Desiring: A Paranormal Romance Novella (The Devil's Defender Series Book 1)

Demon Desiring: A Paranormal Romance Novella (The Devil's Defender Series Book 1) - Jules De Vénus This was a well written book but it just wasn’t for me. This story is more an intellectual read. It’s one that if I walk away in the middle of a chapter I’d have to go back to the beginning. It’s a great storyline just too much to think about while reading. I like to read books to get away from the real world and this one couldn’t do it for me. I will read Jules again as this was my first book by here.

Laguna Beach: Hidden In Laguna (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Laguna Beach: Hidden In Laguna (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Cheryl Phipps After Tania’s dancing career ends and the betrayal of those she loves, she moves to Laguna Beach. Braden moved to get away from his abusive step-father and just so happens that’s where his three brothers were. With Tania and Braden it’s like a moth to the flame. Tania distances herself while Branden wants to work her out of his system. With skeleton’s in both of their closets, will they be able to show one another love and move on?

Desire Me Dearly (Heron's Landing Book 3)

Desire Me Dearly (Heron's Landing Book 3) - Iris Morland It took me forever to get into this book. Could be the face that this was book three and I’m a bit OCD about reading books in order. This book may have triggers for some as it touches on dementia, divorce, drug abuse, depression, suicide attempts, PTSD, anxiety and online bullying. You get real life affects, without all the sugarcoating. There is humor where you wouldn’t expect there to be with the darker subject, but it made me smile all the same. There is an undeniable connection between the two main characters. Will there be a future for them to look forward to? Will they make their feeling known?

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